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What we do

Omega Packaging is a manufacturer of stock plastic jars and caps located in Southern California. What do we offer?
        • Unsurpassed Quality
        • Parts in Stock
        • Competitive Prices
For details on our containers and closures, please take a look at the Products page. For more information on our operation, continue reading below.


Our state-of-the-art factory utilizes brand-new all-electric high-speed injection-molding machines, coupled with high-cavitation fast-cycling molds to produce the best plastic packaging possible. What do all these fancy words mean to you? New modern machinery consistently produce quality parts. All-electric machines use 70% less power than traditional hydraulic machines, keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum (and minimizing our electric bill!). They're also fast, more accurate, quiet, and require less maintenance. High-cavitation and high-speed molds allow us to handle very large orders quickly. They also mean lower operating costs for us, and thus lower prices for our customers.


Omega is certified as a Safe Quality Food (SQF) manufacturer of food packaging. We start with only the highest-quality food-grade raw materials in accordance with US FDA regulations. Modern machines and molds help us to produce defect-free parts. Parts-extraction robots and custom automation minimize the handling required, ensuring a clean and consistent final product. Our heavy investment in automation also means less labor required, allowing us to manufacture in California and still be cost-competitive with cheap imported products.

Parts in Stock

We keep a large inventory of finished goods in our warehouse. Most of our parts are normally in stock and ready to ship. In the odd case that parts are not in stock, or for custom orders, you will find that our lead-times are surprisingly short. Just ask!